Join us for a talk on the exploration of
self through a Transformational
trip to Italy.

April 13, 2017 at 3 pm pst / 6 pm est

Did you know that only 36% of Americans have passports, and even more astounding, even less than that (approximately 10%) actually travel abroad? How is it possible that a developed nation doesn't travel more? I keep hearing that people don't want to travel "in times like these". I believe, that "in times like these" is EXACTLY when we should travel more! There is this "us" versus "them" mentality that is very disturbing to me. The facts are, that more people die from guns in the U.S than terrorist attacks abroad. The more we travel, the more we realize what we all know deep inside: we are all ONE. There is no difference. We are all in this together and we are more alike than different.

Other excuses I hear are that people "can't afford traveling". The truth is, you can. When you really want to make something happen, you need to CREATE the money and simply make it happen! One of my beloved clients, Rachel, managed to save $8 thousand dollars in less than a year while working at Starbucks and dog walking. If she can do it, so can you.

We live in a society that likes to collect "stuff". We are very materialistic. But in the end, will all this "stuff" even matter? Will it make you happier? No, it won't. I suggest that people invest their money in EXPERIENCES rather than more "crap". The bond and memories you create on a trip like this is unlike anything else. 

I have been leading these unforgettable journeys since 2006. During the trip, I used to set time aside for transformational workshops, until I realized that the transformation would organically occur. Rather than "learning" my guests were "experiencing" transformation. The reason being, I am committed to having everyone be completely immersed in the culture. I accomplish this in a variety of ways: I have my guests meet and interact with my Italian family.

You get to meet my crazy Italian family, and they welcome everyone with open arms. Whether they take us into their home and makes us homemade pasta, or take us to a hidden village where you will never see a tourist, my family's mission is to make you fall in-love with our island. You will see firsthand the meaning of "family" for us Italians.

I will also take you to visit Duchess Nicoletta at her gorgeous Palazzo. Duchess Nicoletta will take us to the local farmer's market, where we will purchase fresh produce, bread, fish and meat. Once we are back at her Palazzo, she will personally teach us how to cook delicious, authentic, healthy and simple Italian dishes. Once we are finished cooking, we will meet in her elegant dining room, where butlers in white jackets and gloves will serve us what we just prepared. Both the Duke and Duchess join us for an unforgettable dining experience. 

These are just a few things we will do on this beautiful island. This is why transformation occurs naturally, after all, how could it not? When you immerse yourself fully into a different culture, and learn a different way of life, it encourages you to look at life from a different perspective. Just take a look at some of my beautiful testimonials to see what I am talking about. 

In Italy, our lives revolve around family, delicious food, and living la dolce vita. We focus on "living" not "working".  What I want most, is for you to experience this yourself. Join me, and you will.  

Remember Rachel? I did not tell you her entire story. Rachel is the daughter of Karen, one of my most beloved clients of all time. Every year, Karen would tell me how much she wanted to come on my Italy trip. "Next year" she would say. Well, in 2011, Karen was killed by a drunk driver. She never got to come to Italy with me. Rachel was only 17 when her mother passed away. Last year, her mother would have been 40 years old, thus Rachel decided to take this trip in her mother's honor. And she did. And it was amazing. 

Now it's your turn. Let's make it happen.....
this June! 

Here is what people are saying about Connie and her Transformational Italian Trips.

"I highly recommend going on this retreat. I joined Connie and Dr. Sarah on this year's trip and it is one I will never forget. I met some amazing people and left with some beautiful friendships. Sicily is breathtaking, so full of history and beauty. The people are so warm and welcoming. If I had to describe this trip in one word, it would be magical. I cannot wait to go back next year. Connie and Sarah are so wonderful and inspiring. You can tell a lot of planning and love was put into this trip. Everything was perfect, from the hotels to the tours and the workshops." - Leela M.

April 13, 2017 at 3 pm pst / 6 pm est

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"The Sicily, Italy trip was simply amazing. You'll discover not only a place as rich in history if not more so than mainland Italy, but you'll eat food better than any you can find here. It's so fresh and alive! You'll get to experience being a part of Italian family life and what it feels like to dine al fresco with the laughter and joy of people who are pleasant and beautiful in heart and soul. The most amazing part of the trip is discovering yourself somewhere between the warm sea, the island air, the slopes of Mt. Etna, the quaint streets and piazzas, and the joyful ebb and flow of island life. WOW! You'll never remember what you did at that one day of work, but you'll always remember your trip to Italy!" - Onna Young 

About Connie


Connie Costa is a Transformational Coach, International Speaker, Published Writer & Entrepreneur. She graduated from Antioch University with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an Applied Community Psychology Specialization. Connie was personally mentored and coached by legendary life-coach, inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Alan Cohen.

Her clients are mostly business entrepreneurs and celebrities. She produces inspirational/networking/foodie events and leads workshops and retreats in Beverly Hills, Ojai & Italy.

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