I believe in the power of love. ~ Mia

Love isn't just for making the world go round. It's for changing the very nature and character of the world itself. 

That's why I always say that "love is the gold the alchemists were seeking." 

Love is as necessary to human thriving as food, water, and air. It's might just be the most transformative thing on the planet. 

But love has  also been caught up in libelous scandal after libelous scandal. People say it hurts. They confuse it with seduction and abandonment or needless self-sacrifice. It has been obscured by romance, and buried beneath the hype of our hormones. It has been packaged up and sold by Hollywood as everything from sex to unbridled lust to Humphrey Bogart kissing Ingrid Bergman in that famous scene from Casablanca (somehow we remember the kiss and not the noble sacrifice it really symbolized).

In any case, love has been obscured, maligned, confused and hyped for most people. So, it is very important to define it! Before we go any further!

When you strip away the disguises, illusions and exaggerations, love is a very simple thing. I can define it in two words:

Steadfast Commitment.

I can also tell you that if you have suffered from lovelessness for most of your life, these are two words you likely never learned much about. You also probably never learned to pair them with two additional and incredibly important words:

To Myself.

If love is the gold the alchemists were seeking, self-love is the alchemical agent that makes it possible for us to move beyond our own futile search for love (or proof we are not lovable) and into actually loving the world (to making a steadfast commitment to it).

Self-love is also the key to finally creating lives that love us back. It is the foundation of our power. It heals our wounds, helps us forgive and opens the door to gratitude. Self-love makes it possible for us to shine our gifts into the world.

The power of self-love is also the reason I call myself a Love Alchemist. I know if I can get you to add self-love to the mix of your life, it will change everything.

The lead in your life really can become gold! 

Let me show you what I mean...

The Story of a Loveless Day

You wake up, late as usual. You recoil from the day ahead, turn over, curl up in a ball, and pull the covers back over your head. This thing called morning is a relentless enemy. It comes for you every day. And every day it reminds you of what you don't have: love.

But who are we kidding?! You would settle for nobody throwing verbal rocks at you, taunting, teasing, attacking ... 

You feel like Velcro for suffering. It finds you no matter how cute your outfit, how powerful your suit, how many classes you take on how to be a happier, better person with great time management skills .... But there's no time to think about all that now.  

Despite your exhaustion, you finally get moving. At some point you make your way to the mirror. You stand there for a good while. You hang your head, cup it in your hands. You are not sure if you have it in you to do this again. 

But what choice have you got? 

You rally. Getting dressed is like swimming through quicksand. But you do it as fast as you can anyway. Then you make your way to your car and find your way into the morning rush hour. 

Hey, did that jerk just cut you off? "Quit tailgating you idiot!" You slam on the brakes. Wow. You narrowly miss that one and the next one and then one narrowly misses you. 

You arrive at your destination, late, of course, shoulders balled up to your ears in knots. You walk into your meeting. Everyone is waiting for you. You shrink back, almost visibly as all eyes focus in on you. You growl something about the traffic and slink into your seat.  

And here it comes: If only I weren't such a lazy bum, this never would have happened and I wouldn't be standing here like an idiot deer caught in the headlights of shame ... and so on and so forth until you crawl back into bed, hopeless and defeated, at the end of another grueling day. 

In this place, who has time for something as grandiose as purpose or passion or loving the world? Everything is a reflection on you, a reflection of your worth (or lack of worth). You are trapped in the mirror of your life. 

Let's try it another way, shall we?

Enter Self-Love Stage Left 

Not one single external thing changes between the sound of the alarm clock and the door to your meeting.

You wake-up, still late.

But you are focused on what this day is really about: you have an important meeting ahead of you. 

So, you shrug off the alarm-clock incident. You move into action with real purpose. You make up time in the shower, finish getting dressed faster than usual. All the while, you are fine- tuning your presentation in your mind. You're out the door in a flash. You slide into traffic.

Someone cuts you off, but you never even heard of Velcro today. Today you are rubber. You quickly move to another lane. Whoops, traffic slows down and you narrowly miss the car in front of you and another and then someone narrowly misses you. But you are on top of it.

You are focused! 

You arrive a little late. When you walk into your meeting, all eyes are on you.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I've always been fond of dramatic entrances, haven't you? And speaking of notable arrivals, I have a very special, presentation prepared for you this morning. I can't wait to get started.

The whole room smiles as you throw up the first slide.  

In this place you don't have time for anything BUT purpose and passion. Your passion and your purpose are now HOW you love the world. You are steadfastly committed. 

Wow, what a difference self-love makes!   

The difference in these two scenarios is precisely why

I stand up for love.

I am more than a Love Alchemist; I do more than use love to change lives. I do more than advocate for love too. 

I am an activist for love.

I absolutely believe in the power of love, and most importantly in the difference love makes. 

Like I said at the beginning of this page:  Love isn't just for making the world go round. It's for changing the very nature and character of the world itself. It also changes your experience of the world!

That's why everything I do is about helping you have more love in your life.

When you hire me, together, we will do the work necessary to liberate you from your pain and into having enough positive regard for yourself that you can at least begin to work creatively with the mirror of your life. But we won't stop there. I will help you break free of the mirror and into fulfilling your God-given potential with steadfast commitment. I will teach you to live your life from the foundation of an unshakable bond with yourself.     

I've spent 28 years practicing self-love in my own life and translating my self-love into love for the world. I have been everything from a mother, to a nurse, to a self-love teacher. I have also spent the last 8 years helping people just like you create lives devoted to their passion, their joy, and their purpose. 

I have taught countless people to stand up for love in their lives and to finally create lives that love them back.

If I had all the money in the world, I would still keep doing this work. It's who I am. 

Love is who you are too. I am here to help you uncover this truth for yourself so that you too will make a powerful stand for love.  

During this session we will:

  • Find out what a life that loves you back looks like to you (think of a life invested in your God-given purpose);
  • Contrast that vision with your current life in specific detail;
  • Figure out what’s keeping you lost in the horror of the fun house mirrors from hell;
  • Determine what we need to do in order to put a dash of love in your eyes and a dollop of passion in your life; and 
  • Discover your kind of love song so we can sing it together.  

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