Soul Coaching
Discovering Your Soul's Purpose

Soul Coaching is about You and what your Soul is deeply asking you to pay attention to.

How many times have you thought, "I feel like there is more to life than this?"

I know this too from a personal stand point as I once asked myself this question, "I want to feel alive, I want my life to mean something".

And so I did something about it.  When I did, everything cracked open and I created this life I live and love now.  This is why I provide Soul Coaching.  There is a deep need and desire for us to connect to our Soul in a way we have not fully.  This program is a unique and shorter coaching course that Mia offers her Tribe when there is a large calling for Soul Activation.

Soul Coaching is retrieving your purpose for what you are meant to do. 

Soul Coaching with Mia includes Soul Activation.  This is a clearing of your energy field allowing you to open up with clarity, feel better and think clearer, this provides you with reaching your fullest potential.  Once opened we move into the Discovery Stage.  This is all about you.  Discover what is holding you back and clear it away to move into your natural flow.  It is that simple. 

For those who work with Mia, find that her gifts are many, most importantly she see into who you are and helps align you.  Look at the Reviews on the Review tab on this site.

If you want your life to shift, this is the process to bring about what feels like, and really is a healing.  Your life, and circumstances change and you will advance as far as you desire.  Once your listen to your soul's calling you won't even want to go back.

True connection to this discovery of what your Soul's Purpose is will bring joy, passion and commitment.  These are brought forward when your Soul's Purpose is discover, there is a type of activation between the Body, Mind and Spirit. 

Many people feel stuck, they don't know how to access moving forward.  This is how they are left feeling:

  • I have a dream and I want to live it.
  • I am confused how to move forward in life, I am feeling unclear.
  • I am made for more than this.

Understand Soul Coaching is the fastest way to your Purpose.

As a Soul Reader doing Soul work for 10 years, I have seen thousands of lives changed. 

This four week program of Soul Coaching is individualized for you.  You are unique and different than anyone else.  Your dreams and desire are yours.  Bring them to Light.  Bring them forward.  Start living the life that is activated by your Soul's Purpose.

This is a private coaching program, YES, you read that right, for such a small financial investment into you.  This is the most sought after and cost effective coaching possible from someone with Mia's caliber of Soul and Conscious Awareness.  You will meet with Mia two times a month for your 45 minute session, for two months.  This is the perfect spacing to allow what you are retrieving to be absorb and to move you forward. 

This means you become one of Mia's VIP clients.  This is a very special program designed to move you forward into action.  With making your payment (either payment option) you will receive an email within 24 hours to set your first session to activate your Soul's Purpose.

Congratulations and welcome to your life!