Love Mastery

This is all about you and your journey of life. Discovering how magnificent you are, and always have been. Period!

What you will discover and create in your life:

12 Months Modules

Self Love
Body Love
Prayer & Meditation
Conscious Awareness
Understanding Fear
Mindset & Focus
Archetype Discovery
Authentic Recovery
The Six Elements of Love
The Vibration Rise
Dream. Believe. Create (Creating a Love Soaked Life)

Each Module is a full in-depth course.

Discover you!

  • A Life that Loves you Back.
  • Stop hiding your greatest gifts behind the fear or rejection.
  • Time to stop playing small when you are Larger than Life.
  • It's time for your true, authentic voice to be heard.
  • Fall Madly in Love with Yourself.
  • The Soul Shift that Changes Everything.
  • How to find and keep your Purpose and Power.
  • Discover the Six Elements of Love.
  • Conscious Self Love
  • Total Potential
  • Bringing on your passionate side!

1. Monthly: coaching with Mia in an intimate group setting
For 12 months, you will meet the first three weeks of each month for a classroom style session. Tuesdays your video module is sent. Thursdays is the group call where both myself and my assistant coach will teach technique and tools, Q&A open coaching on anything you bring to the call to help you get the high level support you need.

2. World Class Thought Leaders and Guest Mentors
As a media host Mia has interviewed literally over 2,000 people in all areas that will benefit you during this program as a bonus guest mentor. We will either provide a video to watch in addition to your monthly group session or we will have them on the call with Mia.

3. Your own Private Discussion Circle
A private inner-circle classroom on  Facebook will provide extra support to ask any question you may have that will be answered by Mia or Love Mastery's assistant coach, Monique Duncan. This extra bonus classroom supports you along your journey.

4. Access to Mia’s private client email
You have direct email access to me.  Email are answered in a timely manner.

5. Exciting Love Mastery Modules
A new module is given each month. Each one feels like an amazing project for you to grow your confidence and ability to shine big and bright. There is a new project each month.

6. Session Tools and Assignments
In Love Mastery you will receive tool, practices, homework, meditations, and fun & amazing modules that will stimulate and excite “YOU” about your self-discovery.

No matter what your circumstances are you can change and shift into who you truly are. A Beautiful, Magnificent, and Glorious You! When was the last time you walked down the street, and knew you had it all in the palm of your hand, you created a life that loves you back?

$99 a month for 12 months.
Love Mastery

12 months commitment starting Thursday, June 7, 2018

These are Powerful Life Changing steps to be the dynamic person
you are and desire to be.


I had an amazing session with Mia. I had certain issues around abundance which I wanted to work on, but our session went much deeper as she worked on me to clear these issues. I could feel the flowing of the energy being released in my body. The session went beyond this when a small green orb began hovering over my face. Mia said, it was one of my ancestors, I can say she opened up a different dimension for me. Mia’s work is very powerful!
— Kamal Kaur, India
Having a Soul Session with Mia, is truly a Blessed event. Her Wisdom spoke directly and beautifully to the Truth within me. Mia has the ability to see, feel and touch my own Relationship with the Divine and feed it back to me.

My Soul stood before her and was mesmerized by the Beauty of her Longing to connect me with the Magnificence of my own Compassion, Courage and Insight, which radiates Great Love. Mia’s Gift of understanding and experiencing Thoughts of Self-Love, propelled my Heart to desire that same communication within mySelf. She showed me the Rainbow of my Heart that is the Bridge to helping others move from somber consciousness into Love. My Voice how it yearns to deliver its Powerful Healing Messages of Love!
— Reverend Nancy Sargent, New Hampshire
My discovery session with Mia was a soulful experience. Mia’s personal story is deeply moving and her journey towards her dream life was very inspiring. Her heartfelt compassion and healing energy is very beautiful to witness. I encourage anyone who is seeking assistance in unraveling their layers to let Mia guide you along your path. R.S, UK

Mia Saenz is such a loving, beautiful soul to work with! Her energy is amazing and I felt so connected and safe with her. She is truly gifted and I feel so blessed to have had such a powerful, healing love session with her! Thank you, Mia!!
— Kelly Aubert, Chicago, Ill
After making a major life decision involving a career change, my monkey-mind started filling my body with fear of failure & my lower back pain was activated. After a session with Mia - I felt completely calm, the pain in my back dissolved, and I was empowered to start my new project with clarity. Mia’s gentle but powerfully effective process allowed me to step back into my power. She is highly intuitive and guided me back into my natural flow. It was a profound and expansive experience. Thank you Mia for helping me step forward fearlessly.
Much love & gratitude
— Christina Samms, Canada
Thank you, Mia, for clearing energetic blocks in my solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras that were preventing me from moving forward in my life. I felt so much lighter after releasing that energy and could sense the energy going through me with love. I had a cut on my thumb that healed dramatically after our session. I focused on opening myself up to receive a divine love relationship.
— Anne Heit Palo, Alto, California
I’m so glad I booked a session with Mia! I immediately loved her energy and felt very comfortable with her. It was an amazing reading, and I was totally blown away. I felt so seen by her too, which was really cool. I have much more clarity now and it has made a positive impact on me for sure. It was truly a blessing to have had the opportunity to work with her! Thanks again Mia!
— Robin Gross, Plymouth Rock, Mass
I have been curious for sometime about Mia Saenz she appeared very mystical beautiful and knowledgeable on the Internet. I learned of her from a colleague of mine I was finally brave enough to ask for a session it’s hard to explain exactly what happened or what I experienced but I do know that I feel more connected with her and what she does I feel more real as a person, more alive, and I have more direction! This was after one session I want more ... and will soon be part of her Group Course, Love MasterClass for one year, I am very excited about the new group and very pleased with myself for being brave enough to ask for that first session what an experience!!
— Karinda Rousseau, Las Vegas, Nevada
My session with Mia was very beautiful and enlightening. She made it a point to really dive in and ask what areas I felt challenged. She gave me her intuitive guidance as well as a few energetic processes to assist in what I needed at that moment. I felt very peaceful and unexpectedly released energies that were stuck and not serving me. Surprisingly I began to notice a difference in my energy and reality right away! Mia is excellent at helping people to feel comfortable. She is so down to earth and authentic. So excited to meet with her again!
— Monique Duncan, Houston, Texas
Thank you so much for the energy session! I noticed more pulsing sensations everywhere in my body like it was re-energized and re-activated. My intuition has been more accurate and I’ve been receiving messages from my dreams. Mia is an absolutely delightful soul to work with. I felt right at ease the moment I heard her voice and knew I was in good hands! After our session, I was in an incredibly peaceful state and could tell that others were affected by my state. Thank you for this gift, Mia!!
— Kari Kammerzel, Montana

$99 a month for 12 months.
Love Mastery

12 months commitment starting Thursday, June 7, 2018


Join us now and begin the Life you always wanted.
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