Divine Love courts us.
It never lets us go.
Here is Divine Love's Promise to you, to us: 

Divine Love's Promise

I will meet you there, in the dead of your emotional winter, in the places where you have hardened your heart against yourself. 

I will find you in the deep, dark forest of your sorrow, in the places where words fail you and the cry of your heart falls, unheard, into the silent night.

I am not afraid of the heavy darkness that never seems to yield. I am in the midst of it. I will attend to you in the places where morning seems like an impossibility and in the places where nothing moves save the shadows cast by the treachery of the moon.

I will walk into the heart of your deepest betrayals and teach you to nourish yourself. 

I will show you how to take love's savory elixir right in the core of your most ruinous tales. 

No malice formed against you can ever turn me back.

I will stand with you until you learn to stand for yourself.

I will inspire you to drink that sweet nectar called chance.

Together we will risk it all!  

I will build an altar and ask you for the ultimate sacrifice: that you lay down the falsehoods etched upon your soul, the ones that insist you remain a tiny, pseudo expression of yourself.

These are the lies that keep you forever wedded to your blight.

And when your hands become unsteady in front of the slab, I will be like the splint to a broken bone. I will make your hands steady and I will be your strength.   

Yes. Together we will risk it all!  
And you will be offered even more.

The unfriendly forest of your fairy tale past will disappear like mist in the morning sun.

You will know the touch of magic unmoored by my hands, by the richness of my power.

I understand.

It is hard to believe.

Your heart is still broken.

But trust that it is not beyond mending.

I can mend it. We can mend it.

If you will look closely, you will see that I already have set my knitting needles to work. I am gently wrapping you in the hand-rendered comfort of my presence. 

One day soon, I will also be the rough-hewn edges of the cocoon against which you will struggle.

I will press in against you and dry your mighty wings. 

But for right now it is enough for you to know and to understand: The rhythm of your life is about to change. Where once you wobbled, unbalanced, caught up in disharmony and distrust, you will now stand strong, feet rooted to earth.  

You will begin to sway, like the deep-wood trees caught up in the soft caresses of the wind.

You will rock gently to and fro in the sweet melody of a love song; your love song.

We will write this song together and I will sing it to you as your long-awaited lullaby. This love song will comfort you.

It will also accompany you as you break, like a grand tidal wave, claiming the edges of new land.         

This is your time to taste joy,
to savor the honeyed flavor of ecstasy. 

It's your time, that is, if you choose it.

It is not enough that I surround you. 

I have whispered my aromatic promises by the light of the silvery moon. Like a suitor, coaxing apart the lips of the beloved, I have come hoping for you; hoping to touch you deeply.  

Open, beloved.

Let me in so that you will know the exalted, Divine promise of a love that comes to touch the ground.

Divinity, which I so often call God, is always meeting us, always reaching for us. I know this is true because God came to collect me from my couch, right out of death's clutches. God met me in the depth of my emotional winter, in the deep, dark forest of my sorrow. 

You can read my Divine love story here: Mia's Love Story.  

But for now ...

If Love's Promise is calling you, and you are still not quite sure how to open to it, I am here to support you. 

During this session we will:

  • Find out what a life that loves you back looks like to you (think of a life invested in your God-given purpose);
  • Contrast that vision with your current life in specific detail;
  • Figure out what’s keeping you from answering loves call;
  • Determine what we need to do in order to put a dash of love in your eyes and a dollop of passion in your life; and 
  • Discover your kind of love song so we can sing it together (with LOVE on harmony).

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