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Join me on Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 3 pm Pacific for this ground-breaking Webinar on Love Mastery.


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Love is the depths of who we are.  Love nurtures and guides us.  Love begins within the psyche of each human and comes down from God.  

Then why do people not understand this, and feel it?

Because they were never taught. We were taught to fear, to feel small, to be limited, to be obedient to others.  

Let's break the cycle and grow our mighty wings that will allow us to fly.

If you have ever asked these questions then this talk about Love Mastery would be right for you:

  • I know there is something out there for me

  • I am meant to do more in life, live better, larger, and happier

  • Sometimes I get stuck in my head about past issues and circumstance

  • What truly is self love?

  • I want to experience freedom

We often feel these emotions until we have our questioning answered.  The answer comes in the work. The work is you, with you and for you. Every person who wants success learns to master what holds them back.  This is the same for athletes, musicians, and artists. One must become a Master at what they want to do and be. Love Mastery teaches the ways through your experience to bring about quicker results that last.

These should never be a part of anyone's story:

  • Living in Fear

  • Living with a negative mindset

  • Living with memories of trauma

  • Feeling disempowered

Where you want to be is:

  • Confident

  • Feeling in control and moving your life along smoothly

  • Enjoying love    

  • Enjoying your body

  • Living the dream that you have always held tight in your heart and mind and never thought possible

  • Having a strong healthy mindset

Every person is different, and so is everyone's experience.  Don't you deserve to be treated as such? You are important and valuable.  
Your desire for something better in your life is important.

Join me this Thursday, May 10, 2018 for this talk on Love Mastery, and get some Coaching too.

    Mia Saenz - Love Alchemist


    Mia Saenz is a Love Alchemist. She is the Self-Love Teacher for Anyone who Feels Alone & yet Dreams of Knowing the Joy of a Love-Soaked Life. 

    Through her work as a Love Teacher & Coach, Mia has discovered the depth of Love on all levels.  Love is the Gold the Alchemists were seeking.  Working through Love opens the connection to have all of life's purposes flow, which includes Love, Money and Abundance.  Mia works with people whose desire is to grow in their spiritual path building a concrete foundation in all areas of life.  Mia teaches Love Mastery. In addition, Mia is also a media host, and is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BellaMia magazine a transformational & holistic living well magazine.