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Love Mastery with Mia

Miracle Energy Healing Process

Love Mastery with Mia is a 45 minutes session valued at $350.  As Mia gently listens, she tunes into areas of you where your Love could use attention.  Since Love is vast and deep and not linear as many believe; all areas of one's life gets met with information, processes and loving attention.  Love is on the same frequency as God.  During this 45 minutes you will feel on track with bringing Love into your life. 

Miracle Energy Healing Process (MEHP) is a 45 minute deep energy healing session, valued at $350.  During this process you will experience relaxation, removal of stress and blocks, your chakras are aligned as well as many other goodies.  The Love and Energy process that Mia performs is extremely effective and produces many individual results within one session.  Feel Free to check out the reviews on this site.  Once the treatment is complete Mia will let you know what she saw and answer your question.