Energy Success Mastery
With Certificate

How many times have you heard about Energy and not fully understood it?

Are you a Mystic and needing to grow your gifts, and strength of them?

Learn how to turn each moment into the positive for you.  Leaning to control and understand Energy is how this is attained. 

In these classes, you will learn techniques to bypass any barriers, breaking energy blocks in business and relationships.

When is the last time you woke up with a smile on your face and looking forward to all the adventures and challenges of the day ahead of you?

Providing you with all the tools you need to be successful in every aspect of your life, the Success Mastery course is the lifetime’s work of the naturally talented shaman, Angela Gower-Johnson. Using techniques that bypass any barriers. Angela will speak directly to your subconscious through a series of progressive audio-visual lessons that you can listen to whist you are both awake and at rest.

Angela's positive, vibrant, hypnotic lessons delivered with unshakable confidence and clarity will propel you forwards in every aspect of your life. From the moment, you first start listening to the course you will have taken your own first step into greater clarity and higher levels of success. 

You’ve heard the talk from Angela Gower-Johnson, and all the lives that she has shifted with her Native American Shamanic practice, now take the classes.

Level 1, The Experience

  • Getting Clarity and Peace
  • Position Your Higher Self in the Driver’s Seat and Make Your Logical Mind a Passenger
  • How to Ask the Universe for what you want
  • Trauma Eliminator

Level 2, Success

  • Distraction versus Alignment
  • The 3 Keys to Getting Out of Fear, Worry or Stress
  • Addiction to Success or Failure
  • How to have an amazing relationship with money

Level 3, Mastery

  • Boomerang Process
  • Director of Your Life
  • Energetic Life of Your Dreams Creation
  • Energetic Marketing

Each level is four months. There are four levels that move through an entire year.  If you take the challenge and do the entire year called “The Journey” you will understand all aspects of Energy and how to move it through your life.

Each Level is taught in the Pod Style Coaching Method of Mia Saenz through the Practical Spirituality School, and Level 1-3 are taught by Angela Gower-Johnson. There is a Level 4 called Conscious Energy that will be offered by Mia Saenz once you have completed “The Journey”.

Class is held via Zoom twice a month for 90 minutes.  This class will begin July 13 at 1 pm Pst / 4 pm Est / 9 pm UK (this class meets the second and fourth Thursday of the month).  This class is limited in students according to the Pod Style Coaching Method.  You will receive individual attention in the class and it is geared to have you feel as you are attending a private class. 

You will receive recordings from each class and there will be light homework since it is every second week the homework flow will feel natural.

Angela may bring in a guest speaker to add information to your teachings.  Angela’s Energy Success Mastery is of her 15 years in Shamanic studies and tribal gathers.  She is currently one of two pipe carriers on the Isle of Wight where she resides.  Angela is a native of the United States.

You may join each level individually or you may sign up for “The Journey” and pay a monthly reduced rate.  See options below.

The Journey is Energy Success Mastery, all three levels. 

This powerful Energy training is 12 months in length (2- 90 minutes classes a month) and you will receive a certificate upon completion of Energy Success Mastery.  Learn from a powerful Shaman who studied with Five Native Tribes in California.  Her experience surpasses most knowledge of Shamanic practices today.

The Journey; Energy Success Mastery is $297 a month for 12 months.

Level 1, The Experience.

Begin your Shamanic Energy Practice with Level 1.  Your world will shift as you learn these tools for everyday life.  You will discover your power areas to activate and defuse the negative energy zones.   

The Experience; Level 1 is $357 a month


We look forward to seeing your magical evolution on the other side.