Becoming the Flower of Love

Becoming the Flower of Love


If you have read my book, Mirror, Mirror, you know that I talk about the Deep Pockets of lovelessness we encounter as we begin to work with self-love and Dream.Believe.Create. In the book, I offer an exercise that helps you work through these Deep Pockets. This is another. 

A Deep Pocket is a point of resistance where you encounter entrenched lovelessness both within your own consciousness and in the outer effects of your life. It can make you feel like none of the work you have done so far has even been real! 

This exercise will help you reconnect to love and to remember that love is your essence. 

In this exercise, you will become the flower of love.

Before you begin the work, ground using deep belly breathing!

If you need a primer on grounding, I suggest you go ahead and download Mirror, Mirror or my Grounding Into Contentment Meditation Series. Both are free. 

The exercise: 

Grounding & Cleansing with the Energy of Love: Continue your grounding process. Inhale Love (this is not personal love, but rather Universal/Divine Love) and push it down to your lower abdomen. You might visualize this as a colored light. 

Watch the Light of Love swish around your belly. If you are a woman, draw it consciously into your womb.

Allow Love to identify and gather any old stagnant energy that is unwanted. Exhale that stagnant energy out.

Grounding & Cleansing with the Energy of Gratitude: Similarly, breathe in gratitude and push it down through your abdomen into your lower belly.  Just as you did with Universal/Divine Love, allow it to identify and gather any old stagnant energy that is unwanted. Exhale that stagnant energy out.

Grounding & Cleansing with the Energy of Clarity: Repeat the exact same process using the energy of clarity. 

Centering in Your Heart: Connect now to your heart. Feel your heart, feel it pump. Visualize that you are also safe. Your practice space is sitting in a cocoon of Divine Love. You are protected by Love during this process. 

See your heart pumping in your mind's eye. This will direct you immediately to become even more centered and grounded. 

Take a moment to enjoy your human body here as you feel and hear your heart pump. Your heart represents your human life force, your blood flows through your heart as it moves into your body carrying oxygen and feeding your beautiful body.

Planting the Seed of Love: Now, imagine the Light of Divine Love entering your heart in the form of a hand. Let the Divine hand plant a new, fresh Seed of Love there. 

Blossoming the Seed: Watch the seed begin to blossom into a tiny Flower of Love. Expand the flower making it bigger and bigger until it becomes pure energy. Let that energy begin to pour out of your heart in every direction. Watch it flow down your arms to your fingers. Visualize this Divine Love flowing through your entire wise, powerful body.  Let it move down your chest and torso as it also moves up to your neck and your brilliant head. Let it flow down your legs and into your feet and back up again.

Becoming the Flower: Feel the transformation happening. Allow yourself to blossom as the Flower of Divine Love. Push all this Love energy to the very edge of your skin. Your skin is your human container. It holds your power, your energy, your magic, your human love and now Divine Love. Now take this Love energy beyond the boundaries of your skin. Let it bloom, pouring out of your eyes and ears, covering every sight and sound with Love. Let it touch everything around you. Extend it throughout your life. 

Feel the beautiful pulsing sensation. Feel your surging energy. Feel your power. Feel yourself vibrating Divine Love outward farther than you ever have before. Remain in this part of the visualization until it feels complete. 

Look at how your perspective on your life changes. Consider the things that now leave you feeling grateful. What makes you feel angry? Happy? Sad? Exhilarated?

What is different now, under the influence of Divine Love?  

Closing: When you are ready, pull all that glorious Love energy back into your own skin and then back into your own heart. 

You still have a residue of magical energy flowing through your body. But it is time to return to your ordinary consciousness. 

Feel your heart beat again. Focus in on it just as you did at the beginning of this process. Feel your heart pump. Take another moment to enjoy your body. Finally, begin to move around and take a few more deep, centering breaths.  

Return to This Exercise Whenever You Encounter a Deep Pocket: The symbolism of the flower expands your heart, you become the flower of Love. At any time, if you need to ground into the power of Divine Love or you find yourself in a Deep Pocket, you can stop and recreate this experience.  This is for you.

Journal Prompts: What kind of flower did you become? Look up the symbolic meaning of the flower if you know its name. Journal about its message. 

What were the answers that came to these questions during your meditation:

Look at how your perspective on your life changes. Consider the things that now leave you feeling grateful. What makes you feel angry? Happy? Sad? Exhilarated? 
What is different now, under the influence of Divine Love? 

How do you feel about your life? Your Deep Pocket now? How might it serve you? How might you approach it differently? 

Most importantly: 

How are you different?

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About the Author

Mia Saenz is a Love Alchemist. She works with people who desire to grow in their spiritual path from a concrete foundation of self-love established in all the major areas of their lives. Through her work as self-love teacher and coach Mia has discovered the depth of Divine Love on all levels. Mia believes that Love is the gold the Alchemists were seeking and that self-love is the alchemical agent of transformation. She knows that working through Love opens the connection to have all of life's purposes flow, which include love, money and abundance. Mia is also a media host, and is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BellaMia Magazine, a transformational and holistic, living-well magazine. Finally, she is the author of Mirror, Mirror, a Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Life that Loves You Back.