40 Day Abundance Class

This 40 Day Abundance Class is taught by Mia Saenz using both the practice of Metaphysics on Abundance and Manifestation, and The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. 

It takes 40 days for our mind to realize a new concept or truth and accept.  When we practice in a group, the efforts and accountability are present and one is more likely to succeed.  This class goes from March 2 - April 13, 2017 (6 weeks)

Our first call on March 2, 2017 will be a "how to" into the course, and will be recorded and the replay of each coaching call will sent out.  We will meet each week on Thursdays at 6pm pst until the last class April 13, 2017.

Break those money blocks and change your thinking around your abundance and prosperity.  Many times, we don't know we even have a blind spot until we recognize it.  Learn a new practice or become proficient at bringing in prosperity.  Those who practice this method are experiencing huge shift and major changes in their life.

What is required for this class:

1.  The desire to change the way you think about money as well as allow money to flow.
2.  Purchase from Amazon the book we will be using during this course (if you don't have it.        It is $7.00) where to buy is sent in the receipt email.
3.  Your commitment and desire to doing the daily practice.

What you will receive:

1.  6 Weeks of weekly Manifesting Abundance Coaching.
2.  6 Weeks of practice to change your thinking on money.
3.  10 audio meditations, one per day and then you repeat them throughout the course.
4.  A workbook by Mia Saenz
5.  New experience with money flowing in.

This program course is only $97