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End of Year Readings with Mia

Are you moving through Life not feeling your most empowered self.  Do you get surprised when amazing things come your way as if you didn't deserve them.  This End of Year Reading will help support all the great things that are coming your way.  For most people it takes time for their subconscious to accept all the good.  This Reading will speed this along.  This reading has three days of an open channel connected to it and I will send you the additional information on the fourth day.

We are into the holiday season and the end of the year planning and celebrating before the end of 2017.  I would like to invite you to celebrate "You" with an  End of the Year Reading.  These reading are highly accurate and down to the month and many times even the week and day.   Remember as in all Reading as Human's we have free will  and as such when we see something coming if we are aware we can choose to accept it or decline it.  We can discuss this when we meet.  It support your journey of drawing your manifestation toward you when you are open to the clues to reach for. 

During your reading your information will come forth that will surprise and delight you.  Come experience this magical time. I promise it will be an experience you will never forget.  These Reading Events always sell out.  Visit the Review Tab on this site to see what people are saying about working with me, with my energy healing, and readings. 

I am excited to share this channeled experience and time with you as you will be pleasantly surprised.  I will be using my ability of Clairvoyance, along with a touch of numerology and cards to bring in a rounded energy for your intimate reading. Your specific information will be revealed. I work in the Divine Realm, and this channeled readings you will feel and it will stir your Soul.  Know that during your Reading you will have an amazing amount of love felt within you, and the Angels have been known to appear.  See what people are saying below.  Many people's reading are so exact and precise and in timing that they are blown away and come back time and time again for more readings and  to share and give testimonies.

As a personal reader to many, their lives are now abundant and flourishing.  See what many are saying here and visit the review section of this site.

" I had a reading with Mia Saenz at the beginning of the year.  She saw three major changes coming: meeting a man who was perfect for me and a book deal.Everything Mia predicted is happening to me right now in the timing she said.  At the time I had the reading, there wasn’t anyone I was interested in and I had no idea what I’d even write a book about.  This reading opened me up to receive what was destined in a powerful way! "
Bonnie Gayle - Beverly Hills
“When Mia works her white spiritual gifts I am blown away to see all areas that are block within our income stream open up.  She can see where the block is and with that information we have been able to have our business money flow easier.  Who knew that this was possible.  Thank you, Mia."
Marie Blanchard - Paris

As the year comes to a close, we begin to plan for a new year - come join me for this stimulating, inspiring and expansive reading of you, and how to move forward in your path.   I am holding this on Saturday for all those who are not able to make the readings during the week.

Join me, Mia Saenz as we take this journey into you.  As a Clairvoyant channel of the Divine, I will gently and with love reveal the areas that will allow you to move forward in your path.  Unlock and unblock the mystery of your questions.  Begin to understand a deeper you, and what your true gifts are. 

This is a 30 minute private Reading, scheduled during an online reading event.  Each reading is private and you will be sent by email your specific call in time 24-48 hours prior to the Event. The Event begins Saturday,  December 9, 2017 at 1pm pst / 4 pm est.

You will receive the audio recording and your card images from your reading emailed to you.

Join us on Saturday , December 9, 2017 at 1:00 pm PST.

You won't want to miss this exciting opportunity to have your Reading and feel such love while understanding your questions.  This is the last time at this price.

Get your Ticket and space today as these readings are highly popular.

This is an exclusive experience.



Mia Saenz - Love Alchemist

Mia Saenz is a Love Alchemist. She is a clear channel for the Divine as a Clairvoyant with her work and Readings.  She is the Self-Love Teacher for Anyone who Feels Alone & yet Dreams of Knowing the Joy of a Love-Soaked Life. 

Through her work as a Love Teacher & Coach, Mia has discovered the depth of Love on all levels.  Love is the Gold the Alchemists were seeking.  Working through Love opens the connection to have all of life's purposes flow, which includes Love, Money and Abundance.  Mia works with people whose desire is to grow in their spiritual path building a concrete foundation in all areas of life.  Mia teaches Love Mastery. In addition, Mia is also a media host, and is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BellaMia magazine a transformational & holistic living well magazine.